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Built in the late 1800's, my studio is home to great history & memories. A childhood dream was realized when I opened my boutique style photography studio loft in this unique space filled with character. The space combined with our location in the quaint downtown area of Hudson, WI offers the capability for custom photography sessions indoors in addition to personalized on-location sites. My signature portrait style consists of simple,

yet strong composition resulting in images that are both honest and highly emotive. Foregoing stiff poses and forced smiles, I interact with subjects in such a way that unveils their distinct personalities. This approach combined with exquisite attention to detail provides for a comfortable and relaxed photo session and extraordinary images.




Julia Turns Seven

After the winter we had here in Wisconsin I have to say that I was more than ready to kickoff this season’s outdoor portrait season! And what better way to do it than with an adorable little girl who is getting ready to celebrate her 7th birthday. The icing on the cake (pardon the pun) is that she absolutely LOVED the camera and the camera loved her right back. We had such a hoot during the session that I had a hard time calling it quits. Little Julia just kept going, and going, and going. Something tells me this photo session is something she’ll remember for years to come. Happy Birthday, Julia!




One of the best aspects of my job is that it has connected me with people I might otherwise not have met.  Take for example, my dear friend Darcy.  She came to my studio several years ago to interview me as a potential wedding photographer.  Within five minutes of our meeting I think we both knew we were meant to be friends.  Luckily, she choose me to capture her special day and since then we’ve become very good friends.  In fact, we’ve become such good friends I now consider her part of my “home team”.  (If any of you have read Shauna Niequist’s book “Bittersweet” I’m sure you’ll appreciate the reference.)  At any rate, Darcy has become one of those friends I know I can count on for just about anything.  I can show up to her house in my pajamas in the middle of the day and she wouldn’t bat an eye.  Darcy always seems to have the best advice and nobody can make me laugh quite like she can.

Even though Darcy dabbles in photography and has honed her skills to become quite a photographer, she still commissions my services to capture her photos of her family.  This is such an honor knowing how much photos mean to Darcy!

It’s hard to believe that it’s been nearly 4 years since Darcy and her husband welcomed Cleo into their family.  Every year since then we’ve done a photo session and every year I’m convinced that Cleo was born to be in front of a camera.  She absolutely delights in having her picture taken!  This year she was anxious to show me how she jumps off the diving board doing all kinds of tricks.  Then, when I was getting ready to leave she begged me to sit down so she could paint a picture for me before I had to leave.

Everyday Photos


Considering I work full-time as a photographer it will probably come as no surprise to my readers that I have quite a few photos of my own kids.  Although I must admit it’s not as many as you might think.  Sometimes I have to remind myself to pick up the camera and document my own family every now and again as it’s easy to let my gear rest in its case when I’m not working.  On top of that I tend to be very critical of my photos and when I’m shooting my kids it’s often random chaos in less than ideal shooting conditions.  Thankfully, I’m learning to take off my professional photographer hat when documenting my family and I just do the best I can with what I have.  In other words, I guess I’m beginning to embrace imperfection and appreciating the photos for what they are.  For several years I had a collection of photos stored in boxes in my basement.  As the boys grew, so did the pile of boxes!  I  knew I needed to find a solution so my photos didn’t sit stored in my basement or on my computer until my boys graduated from high school and I was forced to do something with them.   After spending quite some time thinking through how I wanted to preserve our family photos I decided to move forward with albums for each of the boys.

Some of you might wonder why I wouldn’t choose a digital album like the books I create for my clients.  Truth be told, I came very close to choosing this as an option. However, there is something so nostalgic for me when I look back at old family photos of my own.  I’ve loved having hardcopy prints over the years and I especially love when there is a handwritten note accompanied by the photo.  For me there is something significant about passing down photographs and handwritten notes from generation to generation and it’s a tradition I’d like to continue with my boys.

I often find myself having conversations with clients and friends when they ask how they can preserve their own everyday photos so I thought I’d take some time to share what I’ve found works for me. In the photo above you’ll see I use 12 in x 12 in We R Memory Maker Linen Albums for my boys.  These 3-ring style binders hold a variety of clear plastic photo sleeves designed to hold an assortment of photo sizes.  I use both We R Memory Maker photo sleeves along with some Project Life pages.  When I take personal photos I store them in a folder on my computer and every two months or so I go through and print the pictures I’d like to include in their memory books. Then it’s simply a matter of putting the photos in the sleeves and jotting down a few details on a journaling card.  You can buy journaling cards at most on-line and brick-and-mortar scrapbook stores or create and print your own.  I’ve also created a set of printables (shown below) that you can download for FREE HERE.

Now, having said that I will tell you that often times when we are out and about and I’m without my camera I have to rely on my iPhone and Instagram.  Over the past year I’ve built quite a collection of photos and I am planning to put those images into a softcover digital book printed through Artifact Uprising.  This really makes it so I have the best of both worlds knowing that my boys will have hardcopy printed photographs along with a digital album filled with fun family memories captured on the fly.

I’d love to hear about how you preserve your everyday family photos.  Feel free to leave a comment below!

Fun in the Sun

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but trust me when I say I’ve been hard at work here at the studio.  On top of shooting some adorable babies and kids this winter I’ve also been busy planning some posts for the blog.  Over the past few months I’ve received several e-mails from people intrigued by some of the things I post on Facebook including storing personal photos, books, family trips, recipes, etc…  I’m excited to incorporate some of those topics into the blog along with some other photography related information.  I have some fun things planned and I can hardly wait to share them with all of you so be sure to stay tuned!

Now onto today’s session post.  We’ve had a long winter and considering there is still snow in our forecast I don’t see it ending any time in our near future.  While I not-so-patiently wait out this season I thought I’d share a few images I captured when I was speaking at The Savvy Photographer workshop in Alys Beach, Florida.  We had such a great time on this shoot and the kids couldn’t have been better to work with.



Children, Family.

One year later…

Some of you may remember these beautiful boys from this blog post.  It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since they arrived home!  I have to admit that I’m just as smitten with these kiddos now as I was the first day I met them.  If only you knew how sweet, happy, well-behaved and loving they are…they are every parent’s dream.  It’s been so much fun for me to watch them grow and learn over the past 12 months.  Last year both boys had a limited vocabulary and were on the shy side.  Now both boys are talking up a storm and are just as friendly and outgoing as ever.  It’s been quite the transformation and I know without a doubt it stems from their parents who are doing an incredible job with them.  They are two very lucky little boys!  It was such a treat for me to get to spend some time with them at the studio.  My favorite part was when little Kai came running down the hall and flew right into my arms and gave me the biggest bear hug of all time.  I love these guys to pieces!


Children, Family.

Family Fun

As I sit shivering in my drafty studio on this frigid Wisconsin morning I’m dreaming of warmer temps and sunshine.  One of the last family sessions of 2012 took place on a gorgeous Fall afternoon…just one day before we experienced our first snowfall of the season.  (Talk about cutting it close!)   I’ve had the pleasure of working with this family on several occasions and I’ve become pretty smitten with the two little boys who happen to be almost exactly 5 years younger than my own boys.  It’s so fun to watch them go through the phases that almost seem like a distant memory now that my boys are getting older.  This year the family decided to have me out to some property that has belonged to the family for several generations.  It’s a spot that is sentimental and the little guys delight in running around exploring the woods and doing all the stuff one might expect little boys would do in a wide open space.  What made this session especially fun is that Holly, the mom of these two adorable boys, grew up on this property.  Her dad purchased a truck on the day Holly was born and he hasn’t been able to part with it since.  Knowing the history of the truck sitting out in the field I couldn’t resist asking everyone to pile in the back for a few shots.   It was such a fun day and I’m already looking forward to working with them again next Fall!

Holiday Greetings

Now that the holiday season has wrapped up I’m finding some time to blog some of the photos and cards I designed for clients in the past few months.  This particular session was an absolute riot.  These two kiddos have such a great bond and they always ensure I get a lot of laughs in while taking their photos.  Here are a few of the images we captured including some outtakes that we used to line the envelopes for their Christmas cards this year.



Fall Family Session

One of my favorite things about this season is that I get to see families I’ve been working with year after year.  I started working with this beautiful family when their oldest daughter turned one year old and they’ve been back every year since.  Their little girls melt my heart, not only because they almost alway comment on my shoes, but because they have personality galore.  The oldest girl LOVES school, books, fashion and friends…needless to say we get along splendidly!!  Her little sister is as funny as funny can be and always manages to send me into a fit of giggles at some point during the session and this time was no exception.  She is a hoot and I absolutely love our time together.  It’s become a bit of a tradition for me to end their session at the local candy store.  Listening to the girls squeal in delight when we walk in the door will never get old!  Here are a few of my favorite images from their session this year…




Working with this little guy was a hoot!  His mom packed a few nostalgic pieces from both her and her husband’s childhood to include in the shoot.  Little Sammy was like a kid in a candy store playing with the goodies his mom brought along which definitely made my job easy!  He was just as content as could be as we worked our way through the box of props stopping only twice!  Once so he could watch a fire truck whiz by and another….well, I’ll let the picture speak for itself!

 Break 1: Watching the fire truck go by…

Break 2:  He’s a boy through and through…


Children, Family.


It’s hard to believe this little guy will be off to Kindergarten next year!  It has been such a treat for me to watch him grow over the years and see his personality take shape.   He has character galore and his enthusiasm about going to school is absolutely adorable.  He told me just how excited he is to learn math, science, but most of all he is excited about reading…a kid after my own heart!  Considering my youngest son started Kindergarten this fall, I know all too well how hard it will be for his parents to watch him get on the bus for the very first time next year.  Something tells me there may be a few tears shed!


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Foregoing forced smiles and stiff poses, I create a relaxed environment resulting in images that are both honest and highly emotive. Whether it is an inquisitive stare, a shy smile, or a deep belly laugh, I strive to capture those fleeting moments for you to treasure.