Built in the late 1800's, my studio is home to great history & memories. A childhood dream was realized when I opened my boutique style photography studio loft in this unique space filled with character. The space combined with our location in the quaint downtown area of Hudson, WI offers the capability for custom photography sessions indoors in addition to personalized on-location sites. My signature portrait style consists of simple,

yet strong composition resulting in images that are both honest and highly emotive. Foregoing stiff poses and forced smiles, I interact with subjects in such a way that unveils their distinct personalities. This approach combined with exquisite attention to detail provides for a comfortable and relaxed photo session and extraordinary images.





So I just have to ask…who is ready for all this snow to melt?! I know I am! Spring fever has officially set in and I’m afraid it might be a few more weeks before we start to feel some spring-like temps around here. The good news is that this snowy season has provided me an opportunity to get so many long-standing projects crossed off my list…FINALLY! One of which is my new bento box lunch box blog. This is something I’ve been talking about for quite some time and I have to thank my wonderful clients who encouraged me to move forward with it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fallen into a conversations about child nutrition with my clients over the past year and how many of my clients were following my lunch box posts on Facebook. So, I decided to take a chance and make a blog devoted to nutritious lunch boxes. Here’s a link for anyone interested: http://thislunchrox.com/

Now onto studio news! Dana, a performing arts major at Columbia College in Chicago, came to the studio for some promotional shots for an upcoming role she landed. (Congrats again, Dana!) She is so incredibly talented and has such a great head on her shoulders. She was such a joy to photograph and I’m so excited for what the future holds for her!


Children, Family.

Universal Language…

One thing I rely heavily on during a typical photo session is my ability to communicate with my subjects.  It’s something I’ve really come to love about my job.  However, when this little tyke came into the studio for his one year photos I was presented with a bit of a challenge…he only speaks Finnish.  Some of you may remember him from his newborn session last year where I explained that both of his parents are from Finland, but moved here where Antti (Dad) could pursue his career.  As I started the session I quickly realized that my usual tactics of engaging a child were going to be tough.   I had to think fast so I found a camera and showed him the ropes for a few minutes.  It didn’t take him long to put two and two together and he turned on the charm.  Regardless of the language barrier, we had a great time working together and I got a kick out of his reactions to some of my antics.  Happy Birthday, little man!

Happy New Year…

What a year it has been here at Jamie Schultz Photography!   I want to take a moment to express a sincere thank you to my clients who have entrusted me to capture their families throughout the year.  It is truly an honor to work with each and every one of you.  From all of us at Jamie Schultz Photography we wish you the very best in the coming year.

Below are a few holiday projects that left our studio over the past few weeks…oh, what fun we had pulling these together!



Ad campaign…

I recently had the incredible opportunity to shoot an international ad campaign for Mpix Photography Lab.  The icing on the cake was that the assignment was to shoot one of the most talented photographers I know!  Shelley Paulson and I met years ago at a workshop and since then I have watched her style and techniques evolve into something simply amazing.  She has been an inspiration to me and it was truly an honor to be asked to do this project.  Congratulations to you, Shelley, for being chosen for this ad campaign!



The Giving Jar…

Some of you may remember The Giving Jar I posted about at the beginning of the month. This year we replaced our traditional advent calendar with a jar filled with 25 “giving tasks” for us to do every day until Christmas. The experiences and opportunities throughout the process have been incredible and our boys gleaned more out of this than we ever dreamed possible. We feel so very blessed to have two such hard-working and compassionate young boys! From all of us at Jamie Schultz Photography & Design Studio, we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Children, Family.


I was so happy when Susan contacted me about photographing her family again this year.  Susan has had an incredibly tough year with the loss of her father and helping a dear friend through a horrible illness.  What I love about Susan though is that no matter the circumstances she always seems so full of joy.  Rarely do I see her without a smile on her face and she always finds a way to see the silver lining in any situation.  I’ve come to realize how important photos are to Susan and I’m honored that she keeps coming back to me year after year.  It’s been wonderful getting to know her and her family!


Children, Family.

Baby, it’s cold outside…

We’ve been so blessed with such fabulous weather this fall with the occasional COLD day here and there.  This session happened to fall on one of those days and WOW, was it cold.  We decided we’d be much better off in the toasty warm studio…and that we were!  Here are a few of my favorites from this session.


Children, Family.


One of the great things about working with families year after year is that you truly get to know who they are as people and how they operate as a family unit.  This family is one that exudes joy, fun & laughter.  They are all so quick witted and hilarious…even the little one is developing quite a sense of humor. As always, we had such a great time during our shoot and I only had to put my camera down a hand full of times to wipe the tears from my eyes after laughing so hard.



The Giving Jar…

As we head into the holiday season I wanted to take a moment to share with you a project we’re doing with our kids this year.  My husband and I want very much for our children to value the gift of giving. In today’s society it seems so easy to want for more.  It also feels that people are willing to take far more than they are willing to give.  We desire more than that for our kids, so this year we decided to replace our traditional advent calendar with a “Giving Jar” to help countdown the days until Christmas.  The idea came to me as my oldest son and I were talking about ways in which we can help others.  He mentioned a few tasks that I knew we could accomplish, so I rounded out the list to make 25 “giving tasks”.  The tasks include things like holding the door open for someone, writing a thank you letter to a soldier, and delivering food to the local food shelf.  I typed the tasks on white paper and tied them with a ribbon and placed them in our jar.  Each morning the kids will select one scroll and they have until the end of the day to complete the task.  Once completed, we will chat about the task and they can each select a piece of candy from the jars.

In order to ensure we could complete each task I did some homework ahead of time.  I started by calling local organizations that I thought could use donations to get specific requests.  We also wanted to ensure the kids could be directly involved in most of the tasks rather than just dropping off or sending donations.

This month is going to be filled with some amazing opportunities for my family.  Our hope is that our children learn that giving back is a bigger gift than anything that would ever fit under a tree.




Elly came out to Hudson to have her senior photos taken a few months ago.  When her mom called and said she was coming back with her sisters for a sibling shoot I was ecstatic!  These girls were such a hoot and I loved seeing the bond they have with one another.  We shared a lot of laughs throughout the session as we ran from location to location to beat the incoming storm.  We must have looked like quite the crew running the streets in our heels.  :)


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Foregoing forced smiles and stiff poses, I create a relaxed environment resulting in images that are both honest and highly emotive. Whether it is an inquisitive stare, a shy smile, or a deep belly laugh, I strive to capture those fleeting moments for you to treasure.